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Indesit Waching machine 7 Kg
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Indesit BWSE71283X free -standing front-loading washing machine that can be easily installed throughout the home.
This washing machine has been specifically designed to guarantee a deep and accurate removal of various types of organic stains and deep dirt (for example ink and make-up). It is therefore a household appliance recommended for daily laundry, since in just 50 minutes it is possible to remove any type of stains from cottons and synthetics, respecting the fabrics.
Designed to guarantee the maximum from every wash, this washing machine is easily used, thanks to a single button from which various functions can be started.
Thanks to the innovative "Turbo Programming Technology" , in fact, with the push of a button you can start various commands.
The technological quality of this appliance can also be seen in savings.
This washing machine, in fact, will guarantee maximum energy savings in all the washing phases, regardless of the load on the laundry.
Technology and savings are the two strengths of this appliance, designed also for families with children, since it is suitable for removing any open air stain.
Energy Class A +++; Dimensions (HxLxP): 58x59x43.5 cm; Maximum spin speed: 1200 RPM


This washing machine is one of the most intuitive and easy to use on the market.

One of its main features is in fact the presence of the "Push & Wash" button that allows, by pressing a single button once, to replace with a single step the three distinct phases that go from switching on the appliance to starting the wash .

Unlike traditional washing machines, this appliance is equipped with the innovative "Turbo Programming Technology" that will save you time and allow you to use the washing machine very easily. Once you have conveniently started the wash by simply pressing a button, you can be sure that the most stubborn stains and dirt will be gently removed from your laundry.

With the "Lava at 30 °" program from your garments, cottons and synthetics, all stains and stubborn dirt will be completely removed in just 50 minutes.

In addition to saving time, with the free positioning Indesit BWSE71283X washing machine you will experience significant energy savings. The program "Lava at 30 °" indeed requires a thorough washing of the clothes in less than an hour but with a saving of 50% for 2 kg. of load.

Also noteworthy is the research carried out by Indesit, which has designed an optimal washing for daily, organic (wine, condiments, olive oil, orange juice, etc.) spots of open air (grass and earth) and of labor (ink).

Another reason to choose this appliance is certainly the speed with which items that do not have stubborn stains and that need to be simply refreshed are also washed.

With Indesit BWSE71283X free installation it is possible to save time and energy thanks to the "fast cycle" washing , unique on the market, which allows in just 9 minutes to clean lightly soiled items.

Furthermore, by using the "Rapids" option you can quickly wash your clothes: you can in fact choose the cycle duration, 30 or 60 minutes, obtaining all the results you want from the wash. In addition to the safety of getting perfectly clean clothes, unpleasant odors will be eliminated from all your clothes, which most of the time are difficult to remove with a simple wash.

Thanks to the innovative movements of the basket, the addition of a further rinse at the end of the cycle and a constant temperature control for the entire duration of the washing, with the free positioning Indesit BWSE71283X washing machine it is possible to remove unpleasant odors (sweat, frying, smoke, etc.) which, using other types of washing machines not equipped with these technologies, may persist.

Not to be overlooked is also the "Self-cleaning cycle" function , which allows you to clean the internal parts of the washing machine without the use of detergents.

Thanks to this function, you can be sure that your device will eliminate dirt, bacteria and detergent residues which are the main cause of odors.

ndesit has thought of satisfying the daily needs even of those who, leading a busy and busy life, sometimes do not have the time to wait for the washing machine to finish its normal washing cycle.

Indesit BWSE71283X free-standing washing machine offers the unique possibility of interrupting the washing cycle without damaging the device.

Thanks to "Fast forwarding" you can in fact, by pressing a simple button, go directly to the rinsing and spin phase, closing the wash in a few minutes.

This way you can safely stop the washing, but still having the certainty of getting a clean laundry.

Attention to customer needs is not neglected even with regards to the design of the appliance.

Indesit BWSE71283X free positioning washing machine has in fact a clean and essential design, which make it an elegant home object that can be positioned wherever you think it is most appropriate.

This appliance was in fact designed by Giugiaro, a guarantee of Made in Italy elegance and reliability.

Product color - White

Type of Loading - Front

Tub Material - Plastic

Built-in display - Yes

Door hinge - Left

Load balancing system - Yes

Type of display - LED

Display lighting - Yes

Lighting color - Green

Door color - White

Type of control - Buttons, knob
Removable top - No

Remaining time indicator - Yes
Plug type - Schuko
Basket capacity - 7kg

Maximum spin speed - 1200 RPM
Efficiency class of the centrifuge - B

Deferred departure - Yes

Silent (centrifugal) - 53db

Half load - Yes
Adjustable spin speed - Yes

Duration of washing cycle - 200min
Timer - Yes

Pause function - Yes
Basket volume - 48
Residual moisture - 53%

Number of programs - 16
Washing efficiency class - TO

Variable speed - Yes

Current - 10A

Centrifugal exclusion - Yes

Consumption (off mode) - 0.50 W
Consumption (stand-by mode) - 0.80 W

Centrifugal noise - 84 dBa

Cotton capacity - 7Kg

Energy consumption at 60 ° full load - 1.05 W

Cycle progress status - Yes

Washing programs

Hand / wool wash program - Yes

Steam washing program - Yes

Delicate washing / silk program - Yes

Eco wash program - Yes

Hygiene wash program - Yes

Intensive washing program - Yes

Jeans washing program - Yes

Quick wash program - Yes

Pre-wash program - Yes

Automatic programs - Yes

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