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Electrolux Electric Built-in Oven steam cooking 71L
Product Code: Electrolux EOB8747AOX

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The CombiSteam Deluxe oven, with the FullTaste steam system, allows you to maximize the flavor of your food. It works like a traditional oven, but offers you the benefit of steam cooking. Healthy, tasty and quick. With the 100% steam function, more vitamins are conserved and all the flavor of the dishes is enhanced, for healthy and delicious results. 50% steam is the best way to cook food with a high percentage of moisture, to preserve all the flavor and tenderness of your dishes. 25% steam you'll get delicious results - soft foods inside, crisp and golden outside. XL cooking compartment. Energy class A +. Aesthetics in stainless steel. Product dimensions (W x H x D): 59.4 x 59.4 x 54.6 cm. Recessed compartment dimensions (W x H x D): 56 x 60 x 55 cm.

The CombiSteam Deluxe oven has all the functions of the CombiSteam oven and something more. It can roast, cook at low temperature and steam like professional ovens.

Depending on the recipe you are creating, you can combine hot air with 3 levels of steaming, ensuring maximum preservation of all the flavor and the vitamin content, with excellent and healthy results.


   Steam Only (100%Steam)                                         High humidity (50%Vapor)                                                                    Low Humidity                     
  • Preserves vitamins and enhances the taste                                             The right function to cook foods with a high 
  • of food for delicious and healthy dishes                                                     content of liquids,preserving all the taste
  • ideal function for cooking fish,rice,                                                                                   and tenderness.
  • couscous,vegetables                                                                                     Ideal function for baking sweet and savory 
  •                                                                                                                                        flan,flans,desserts,sweet rolls         



 Removable Tank                                                                     Dishes with an extraordinary taste

  • Thanks to the removable tank,you will not need any connection to 
  • the water supply and you can add steam at the right time


Ease of cleaning                                                              Velvet Closing                                                 Cool Door   


  • Product type - Electric oven
  • Construction - Built - Stainless steel color
  • Width - 56cm
  • Depth - 54.6cm
  • Height - 59.4cm


  • Capacity - 71L
  • 15 cooking functions including 5 steam - Only 50% steam,25% steam,Eco steam,steam regeneration
  • Infispace - XL cooking compartment
  • Infi space baking pan - 25% larger
  • Electronic with LCD display - Touch control programmer
  • Myfavourite program - Yes
  • Automatic rapid heating - Yes
  • Tangential cooling fan - Yes
  • Cooldoor Xtra - Yes
  • Cooldoor cold door - Yes
  • Cavity - With clear'n clean enamel
  • 2 Steam cleaning programs - Yes
  • Double halogen light - Yes
  • Child safety - Yes
  • Automatic safety shut-off - Yes
  • Equipment - 1 grill,1 dripping pan, 1 baking plate


  • Energy class A+
  • Natural convection energy consumption (KWh) - 0.89

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